Discover Unique Georgian Wines Offered by Wine Brand Pesvebi

GLOSSY — Wine lovers who want to discover unique Georgian wines made by the local small winemakers from different corners of Georgia will be able to find some under the brand name of Pesvebi.

Pesvebi is a new Georgian wine brand that aims to discover the country’s hidden gem wines aged in traditional and modern methods that are too small to go mainstream, but too good to ignore.

At the same time Pesvebi helps distinct small wineries to develop their wineries and gain access to the larger market.

“Pesvebi offers a unique selection of wines. Each wine variety is made from raw materials purchased from different small winemakers. Our professional sommeliers visit small viticulturists, factories and monasteries in all the regions of Georgia to select wines with special and distinctive aromas and taste,” said the Head of the Marketing Department of Pesvebi, Irakli Khalvashi.

At this stage, Pesvebi offers Kindzmarauli, Saperavi, Rkatsiteli, Tvishi and Tsinandali wine varieties.

“Soon, two new types will be available to customers: Krakhuna Qvevri, which we buy from the Imereti region; and Kisi Qvevri, made in Kakheti. It is important for us that the wine we sell under the Pesvebi brand is made in the regional location where this species is native,” Khalvashi said.

In addition to wine, Pesvebi also offers customers chacha and brandy.

“The brandy is made in the French tradition. Thus, as a result of the combined teamwork of a group of professionals, we have a product that is distinguished by quality and is rich in taste, with a composition that is 100% Georgian,” Khalvashi said.

Due to limited quantities, Pesvebi wine is not exported abroad and Khalvashi says that the brand is “completely focused on the Georgian market”.

“We want as many people in Georgia as possible to have the opportunity to taste a real product with Georgian taste,” he added.

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