Hennessy rolls out Forest Destination forest regeneration program

GLOSSY– Hennessy announced the launch of its Forest Destination regeneration program on March 21 to coincide with the International Day of Forests celebrated by the United Nations. Initiated in 2020, the program aims to regenerate 50,000 hectares of forest by 2030.

According to LVMH Group, Hennessy has had an intimate relationship with forests since the cognac house was founded over 250 years ago. The quality of the oak for the casks in which eaux-de-vie is matured plays an essential role in the excellence of Hennessy cognac. Beyond cognac production, preserving and regenerating forest ecosystems contributes to the fight against climate change to help ensure a positive future for coming generations, as Hennessy President Laurent Boillot notes: “Hennessy has always maintained a long-term vision, seeing far into space and time.

Today, the future of humankind depends on our ability to take up the daunting challenge of preserving and regenerating forest ecosystems. This task goes far beyond individual interests. With ‘Forest Destination’, we want to act, participate in a collective movement and contribute concretely to the common good.”

With its Forest Destination program, Hennessy is pursuing on-the-ground projects in all the regions where the Maison is present. In France, Hennessy is working with the Office National des Forêts (ONF) to replant 27,055 oak saplings across an area of 25 hectares (250,000 square meters) in Braconne in the Charente region, which was devastated by a storm in 1999. Worldwide, Hennessy began a partnership in 2020 with Reforest’Action to take action in local ecosystems in South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria, as well projects in China and the United States. In Kenya, Hennessy and its local partner Trees for Kenya are supporting the reforestation of part of the protected forest on Mont Kenya by planting 250,000 trees of 30 different species over 400 hectares.

In the United States, Hennessy has committed to replanting 100,000 trees across a 93-hectare area to promote the return of biodiversity and create new local wildlife habitats in the state of Oregon, whose forests have been ravaged by fires. And in Madagascar, Hennessy is working with local partners to build a “School of the Forest” to train young farmers and heighten awareness among schoolchildren. The Maison will support planting of 60,000 saplings of various species in a 40-hectare area.

Last year, Hennessy helped plant over 2.2 million trees spanning an area of 4,800 hectares area through various reforestation and agro-forestry projects around the world. With Forest Destination, the cognac house aims to raise public awareness of the importance of tree diversity and forest preservation for the global ecosystem and help mobilize other economic stakeholders around this collective initiative for the common good.

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