Bella Hadid took her mother Yolanda to vote in the US elections for the first time

Bella Hadid has been very active on Instagram about voting and elections.  Hadid had a strong reason to post on Instagram: She got her mother Yolanda Hadid, who is Dutch and recently became an American citizen, to vote for the first time since she became a US citizen 6 years ago.

For voting in the elections, both, mother and daughter wore blue (which might be a symbolic nod to the Democratic party). “I am so proud of her!!! Wearing our best Blues!!!!!.” Bella noted in her intsagram post.

Hadid wore a black hat that read “Fresh” from Williamsburg Pizza, a black puffer coat over her sky blue Chip Chrome sweatshirt, along with a pair of loose black jeans and a pair of chunky loafers and white socks. Mother Hadid opted for a pared-back look, which included a blue puffer coat (along with a tiny “I Voted” sticker!), light wash blue jeans, and for a comfort-forward touch, a pair of UGG boots according to Vogue. Finally, the two opted for matching black “I am a voter” masks by evolvetogether.

The model also shared a video of her mom explaining how ‘one vote can make a difference,’ while appearing to be in their home in Pennsylvania. In response, Yolanda’s eldest child, Gigi Hadid, commented, ‘There are real tears. IM SO PROUD.’ Both Bella and Gigi have been outspoken about the importance of exercising their civic duty on social media.

According to Dailymail, on Friday, Bella shared a photo of her feet next to an arrow outside of the polling place and gushed that ‘voting is a super power, use it don’t lose it.’ Days earlier, Gigi echoed her sister’s sentiments and showed off a glimpse of her post-pregnancy body as she posed in a ‘Vote’ shirt.

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