Apple to update its AirPods earbuds for next year

Apple is planning to update its popular lineup of AirPods wireless earbuds with two new models in 2021, according to a new report from Bloomberg

One model would succeed the standard USD 159 AirPods, which Apple most recently updated in March 2019, while the other would serve as a sequel to the USD 249 AirPods Pro. The new standard AirPods could debut in the first half of next year, the report says.

The launch of new AirPods next year would also come after Apple decided to stop including its wired EarPod headphones with the iPhone, the company announced when unveiling the iPhone 12 earlier this month.

Among the biggest changes coming to the new AirPods Pro will be a new stemless design that more closely resembles wireless earbuds released by competitors like Samsung, according to Bloomberg. The new standard AirPods are said to retain the trademark stems that protrude from the ears, but Apple is reportedly hoping to shorten them.

Improvements coming to the standard $159 model include swappable ear tips and longer battery life, but no noise cancellation, according to Bloomberg. Both headphones will reportedly run on new wireless chips from Apple.

Bloomberg also reported that Apple considered developing another HomePod model that would fall in between the $300 HomePod and new USD 100 HomePod Mini. Apple is also planning to release a pair of over-ear headphones with a customizable design, Bloomberg reported. The new over-ear headphones are said to have been delayed after Apple had run into some issues with their development.

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