Arriba – as Corresponding Office of a global leader in the international brokerage market- Marsh



Arriba Ltd Represents Marsh in Georgia by a correspondent office for 2 years and shares foreign brokerage experience to the Georgian market. Likeall brokerage companies, the compance for clients. It specializes mostly in risk consulting, insurance risk placement, and reinsurance. Arriba actively cooperates with large corporate segments and investment companies, as well as local businesses. The company is known for its best performance of insurance contract services and the claim management experience.

Arriba also provides risk placement in the international market through a network of international partners. This means the greater risk-taking ability and greater credibility.

The biggest among partners is Marsh, which is a global leader in insurance broking and risk management companies. For more than 140 years, Marsh, owned by Marsh & McLennan Companies, has grown by helping its clients anticipate and meet the challenges of changing times and technologies. It has 500 offices in 130 countries around the Globe. The company intends to grow more in the region and with the help of experienced and qualified staff they have gathered lately, Arriba is more likely to hit the same leadership positions their partner Marsh has in the world.  

Anna Uriatmkopeli, Commercial Director of the company tells us what does Correspondent Office of Marsh has to offer to local businesses. 

There are several priorities that make our company unique and distinguished on the market and why should customers choose our services; I’m so proud to present them to the audience:  

Cooperation with the world’s leading brand is the biggest advantage which is an indicator of a high level of credibility; With the help of invited specialists, our clients get access to the most specific insurance products and services;

Transparency of insurance offers together with qualified analytics. The services we provide also include- preparing of terms and conditions for a bid on any Insurance product, doing market research, choosing insurance packages and tariff plans tailored to the client’s requirements, and Preparing financial and competitive analysis for customers;

Post-contract insurance service- which includes insurance monitoring process the fulfillment of the contract terms and also advisory services, in case of complication or uncertainty of claims, performing the functions of advocate for the client;

Survey (Employee Satisfaction Survey- ESS), which is a very interesting service to increase customer loyalty and review current insurance conditions;

Placing reinsurance risks for local insurance companies and large projects in the international market with the help of a variety of Marsh products; It includes complex and specific products such as cyber risks, bonds, life insurance, construction risks, various types of responsibilities, etc.

 Finally, a team of women managers experienced in this field, who are ready to make friends with insurance companies and simplify the insurance process for Georgian businesses at minimal cost; 

Mariam Khutsishvili, Executive Director is telling about the problems the brokerage companies face in Georgia:

“First and foremost, the issue is the attitude of the insurance companies towards brokerage companies, where they see their competitor, not the partner; Direct contact to the client through the referral circles are frequent and clients receive different offers directly even though the insurance company is aware of broker’s appointment. Such pressure weakens brokers institute and impacts on freedom of choice of the client;

2nd big Issue is customer awareness about brokerage in general;

Mainly customers do not know, for example, why they should have a broker and what is the difference between an insurance manager and an insurance broker, that it is an independent structure and represents the interests of the client, unlike the insurance manager who is a hired employee of the insurance company;

The variety of compulsory insurance programs and precise guidelines are very weak in our country. Adjustments are usually discussed after enactment, not before;

Management of insurance companies by major financial institutions (banks), which leads to the automatic attachment of loan-related companies to this financial institution, and such businesses lose the right to free choice of insurance; “

The company’s achievements in the region are quite impressive, despite its short history of their existence. The tough times we all face through the Pandemic protecting ourselves from health problems and financial risks still remain an urgent issue, with Marsh brokerage services customers save two most important things for their business sustainability – time and their own resources. As a result, potential risks and, consequently, the total financial costs are minimized.

With outsourced insurance services, clients maintain the stability of their business and are fully concentrated on its development with a reliable partner.

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