Crowne Plaza Borjomi Offering New Stress-relief Spa Programme for Guests

Crowne Plaza Borjomi, the spa and resort hotel in Borjomi that is famous for its mineral waters, is offering a new stress relief spa programme for visitors. To strengthen the immunity and enhance the body’s resistance to environmental factors.

“The coronavirus pandemic has left a significant mark on the lives of every single one of us. Even if we have not personally been exposed to the virus, the high levels of overall tension and stress present in recent times still actively pervade our daily lives. This is what laid the groundwork for our new spa programme,” said Ivane Nozadze – General Manager of Crowne Plaza Borjomi.

The new spa programme involves detoxification of the body by using the unique mineral waters of Borjomi to help boost the metabolism.

In addition to this, Crowne Plaza Borjomi plans to offer yoga tours from this autumn, which will include aerial yoga (with hammocks), aqua yoga, as well as special yoga sessions in their Himalayan salt steam room, where the temperature can rise to 38-45 degrees and is saturated with more than 80 elements of salt extracted from the Himalayas.

“In case of reservation for three nights and more, we are offering guests an extra, calming procedure, which we think has a significant effect on one’s relaxation.


The hotel’s new spa programme has been created in order to help visitors find relief from the stress caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Please tell us how the pandemic affected the hotel’s activities in general?

 Like other hotels in Georgia, we also had to suspend our activities for a time. The hotel was closed for three months. However, ever since the government allowed hotels to re-open, the Crowne Plaza Borjomi has returned to its normal everyday activities. On 15 June, 2020, we had a second ‘opening’ of the hotel.

The preparation period for re-opening the hotel was quite active and busy, as we had to take into account the new regulations and adapt to new standards. It turned out to be especially difficult as in addition to the regulations set by the government, the hotel also had to comply with the recommendations made by our brand InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG). In the end we successfully went through the preparatory period and have as a result changed many things in the hotel.

Although the hotel has been receiving guests for three months now, we are still facing a number of challenges. Due to the pandemic and the closure of the borders has affected travel industry globally, like everyone else, and we have adjusted our rates according to the Market demand. Our main goal is not to affect the level of service we provide. In approval of this in 2017 the hotel ranked first out of Europe’s IHG hotels in terms of guest satisfaction.  That is why Crown Plaza Borjomi still serves its guests fully with its original attitude and remains hotel guest love.

Let’s continue to touch on the fitness and wellness direction of the hotel. Crowne Plaza Borjomi has 21 rooms dedicated solely to spa procedures. Please explain to us the spa procedures available at the hotel, and how they distinguish it from other such establishments in the South Caucasus.

 Yes, our spa and wellness is the only one of its kind in the South Caucasus. It is spread over 2,400sq.m of the hotel and contains 21 different types of exclusive procedure rooms-
Our professionalism allows us to offer you spa procedures selected specifically for you, fully consistent with your requirements and health. Combination of high quality of products, professional therapist and ancient massage of treatments creates an unique synthesis for balance and recovery of your organism. Individuality is what makes each of us unique.

You also provide aesthetic and beauty procedures. What specifically do you offer guests in this direction?

We offer a long list of beauty procedures: hair, face, body and nail care, using the products of respected branded companies (Davines, [comfort zone], LCN).

We offer individualised rejuvenating skin treatments, which immediately reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; acne scars; hyperpigmentation; enlarged pores; as well as correcting uneven skin tones of the face and décolleté. This procedure also includes LED light therapy. In this procedure we use the innovative HydraFacial equipment, which is ideal for all skin types and does not require a period of rehabilitation.

I would also mention in particular our Qmed solarium which contains various individual procedures that help one achieve a healthy tan and all round great look. Key benefits of this solarium are that it helps to reduce wrinkles, increase skin elasticity as well as moisture. A mere 15 minutes of the procedure equates to roughly two hours of training in the gym.

There is MeDioStar NeXT diode laser epilation available at our hotel, which is suitable for all skin types. A course of several procedures significantly reduces and removes the appearance of unwanted hairs.

To conclude, please tell us, what makes Crowne Plaza Borjomi distinguished in your opinion?

 A.  Crowne Plaza Borjomi is an unique hotel that stand out with its individual gothic style, design and architecture, location, Spa procedure,  famous mineral water of Borjomi, the wide range of services, and finally high level personalise service and exceptional hospitality.  That’s why since Hotel opening on 23 December, 2015, it’s still popular and loved among Georgians as well as international guests.

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