20 Years of Success for Oriflame Georgia at a Glance

World-famous Swedish beauty company Oriflame is proud to be celebrating its 20th anniversary of successful operations in Georgia. The past two decades have been a period full of bright emotions, unforgettable events, and dizzying travel to destinations around the globe.

During its 20-year-long journey in Georgia Oriflame has been offering the opportunity to enjoy high-quality skin care and make-up, inspired by the natural and distinct beauty of Sweden.

Together with thousands of local leaders, Oriflame has built a new business model in Georgia through helping others develop their own businesses by selling more than 1,500 sorts of Oriflame products directly as well as by inviting others to join the community. In this way Oriflame has managed to become the largest direct seller beauty company in Georgia, delivering beauty services to every corner of the country.

In her interview with Glossy Magazine, General Director of Oriflame Georgia, Nana Eliava, took a brief look back at the past 20 years and said that Oriflame has had a very interesting journey over these years with all its ups and downs, challenges and achievements.

“It has changed the lives of many people employed by our company in Georgia. Thousands of families have improved their living conditions; thousands of women have travelled around the world thanks to Oriflame; and thousands have stable, European-level incomes – of GEL 1,500 or even more. Hundreds of thousands of people have become loyal customers of our products, all of which meet the highest standards. This is what we are proud of and this is our most important achievement of these past 20 years,” Eliava said.

Eliava said that on 20 November, 2020, Oriflame plans to celebrate its 20th anniversary in the most splendid style (coronavirus-related restrictions allowing of course).

Could you please explain to us Oriflame’s strategy in Georgia?

 Our strategy is ‘Beauty by Sweden’, which means holistic view on beauty inspired by nature and powered by science. Beauty by Sweden means to be healthy first of all and have well-groomed face skin, only after comes decorative cosmetics as an addition to your beauty.

At Oriflame we also believe in responsible beauty, creating safe products that are inspired by nature and powered by innovative science. As a corporation, we are deeply committed to our sustainability strategy, striving to minimize our business’ environmental footprint and to enable positive change around the world.

Oriflame’s strategy focuses on its Skin Care and Wellness directions.

At Wellness by Oriflame, we are committed to guiding customers through the complex world of healthy eating and dietary supplements, offering a range of high-quality, natural products that are developed by world-leading Swedish scientists.

As for Skin Care, this is a four-step skincare routine, which leads to ideal skin and professional care at home.


What does Oriflame offer its customers as well as brand partners in Georgia?

 We offer customers the VIP concept. Anyone can become one of our VIP clients by entering our website – Oriflame.ge – simply choosing a favourite product and buying it. You then automatically become our VIP client, will get the product delivered to you in any corner of Georgia within 24 to 48 hours, and will get a permanent 10% discount. Previously, both customers and brand partners were called ‘consultants’. If you wanted to just be a customer, you couldn’t do this without also having the status of consultant, which might not have been acceptable to many. However, now anyone who just wants to buy a product online can do so by becoming a VIP customer. Also, he/she will in addition be able to accumulate loyalty bonus points.

As for our brand partners, Oriflame Success Plan is a very attractive offer for them. Our brand partners can start earning money from just GEL 5 to up to USD 1 million! We already have a ‘Top 1 Leader’ from Georgia, who received a cash award of USD 24,000.


Oriflame covers the whole territory of Georgia. Could you tell us which region of the country is the most active in terms of total demand?

To establish which part of Georgia is responsible for the highest demand, we can say that while 60 percent of our customers are from the regions combined, 40 percent are from the capital Tbilisi.

Meanwhile out of all the regions, Imereti holds the leading position.


What distinguishes Oriflame from other companies?

 First of all, it is the Swedish quality of the brand. We have our own laboratories; we have about 2,000 scientists working solely for us across our laboratories. We use the highest standard of technologies. More than 90 percent of our products are made with natural ingredients. We pay huge attention to the quality of the product as well as sustainability and care for the environment.

The second reason is our success plan, thanks to which tens of thousands of people changed their lives, created stable European income for their families and fulfilled their dreams in Oriflame

And the third reason – three times every year we travel around the world together with our brand partners to attend our unique conferences, which are owner of BEA certificate, the best events in the world and create unforgettable memories with them. Oriflame brand partners covered the whole world three times. In 2019 year our destinations were Tokyo, Palma de Mallorca and Turkey

It is the combination of all of these factors that make Oriflame a distinguished company, not just in Georgia but all around the world.

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