Lucy Boynton on Life During Lockdown and Her At-Home Beauty Routine

For Lucy Boynton, months spent in lockdown has translated to ample downtime at home in London. There, the actress has been making the best of laying low, trading red carpet looks for at-home essentials, and workout routines for mindful strolls. “When we were allowed during lockdown, it was amazing to go through the empty streets of London and the empty parks,we have the most beautiful architecture here,” says Boynton. “Getting to enjoy that at a slower pace than I usually would and really appreciate it, that was fun.” Another marker of this strange, subdued year? A new signature scent. In fact, according to the actress, it’s the best way out of your loungewear rut no outfit change required. 

As the face of Chloé’s newest fall fragrance, Rose Tangerine Eau de Toilette, Boynton is championing perfume as an easy route to some much-needed glamour. She notes that the fresh and floral scent is ideal for year-round wear particularly this year. “It’s been a nice antidote to this otherwise pajama-filled year-a spritz of it here and there during lockdown has definitely made me feel a bit more elegant and put together,” says Boynton, who has otherwise used 2020 as an opportunity to pare down her beauty regimen. 

Along with binge-watching I May Destroy You and singing Michaela Coel’s praises (“Just give her all of the awards”), Boynton has been switching her playful makeup touches for curated, simplified skin care. “I try to use very pure and light products, like Weleda, because my skin is so sensitive,” says Boynton. “I’ve tried not to put on makeup and just give my skin a bit of a break, but there were a few days in lockdown where I just needed some kind of excitement and/or novelty.” 

Fortunately, a recent afternoon spent with makeup artist Jo Baker resulted in a characteristically whimsical beauty look from the duo—hopefully, the first of many, as the two have a few more rendezvous on the books. “Literally Barry M glitter eyeshadow would be my go-to for application, but if I had any of the skill that Jo has, I would probably have some sort of illustration or detail on me at all times,” says Boynton. “That was just a day that we were hanging out and decided to get creative, which I think speaks so much to what we look for when we are working together for an event or a press day.”

Considering that awards season is slated to be a largely virtual affair going forward, time will tell if Boynton embraces event beauty from afar or holds off until in-person press is a reality once again. (“Right now, the whole thing seems a bit bonkers,” she notes.) But Boynton’s most salient takeaway? Aside from a luminous, well-tended complexion, a spritz of a bright and delicate fragrance is a seamless means of carrying a bit of luxurious levity into the darker days of the year even if your getting-ready routine is, for the moment, limited to a rotation of stretchy cotton clothes. 

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