Marigold Georgia

Shopping never gets as good as visiting the bridal salon to choose the dress of your dreams, for the most important day of your life. If you want to feel and look like real-life royalty, then Glossy’s favorite bridal shop is the perfect wedding dress destination for you.

Marigold Georgia has been making the brides’ fantasies become reality for twelve years and without a doubt, this is the most magical place for every girl. Divine sparkles, luxurious fabrics, heavenly veils- no matter what you are looking for, Marigold’s professional stylists are ready to offer you the perfect gown that you have been dreaming of.

The new bridal collection is full of exquisite designs, created with the perfect mix of traditional and modern details. Stunning and versatile silhouettes are detailed with embroidery, that turn fabrics into the pieces of art. It is hard not to mention all the trendy elements, such as puffy sleeves and delicate ornaments, that make Marigold’s newest collection fashion-forward and unique.

In this bridal salon, you can find the nightgowns for your bridesmaids as well, and what is better than shopping for your special day with your best friends? The professional staff will help you to pick the most beautiful and unforgettable dress, that will make you feel like the real queen of the night.

Marigold and Glossy have collaborated on a special project, which took a place in beautiful halls of Vepkhi da Mokme. With the perfect mixture of Marigold’s wedding gowns and Roberto Bravo’s jewelry, we styled three magnificent women for our photoshoot.

Anastasiya Antonyuk, well known international model, who has been happily married for five years, took a part in our bridal project alongside famous fashion expert, Dali Chitaladze, whose wedding day was eighteen years ago, but Marigold’s heavenly gown turned her into a gorgeous bride again. In the halls of Vepkhi da Mokme, Lali Totikashvili, Georgian model, who has been married for sixteen years now, turned heads with her dreamy bridal look, completed with Roberto Bravo’s accessories.

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