Organic Lab – The Highest Quality Of Healthcare

When it comes to our healthcare, choosing the right place for getting high quality service is the must! Organic Lab is an aesthetic medical center, which offers Georgian customers innovative procedures. For further information, Glossy talked with Organic Lab’s director, Nona Makhoshvili.

– What is Organic Lab and what makes it the best place for self-care in Georgia?

-Organic Lab is an aesthetic medical center, which has been providing the best quality service in Georgia since 2018. This is the company of the future, where customer can get almost 250 types of procedures for their healthcare. Using the newest equipment, Organic Lab sets the standards in Georgia.

-What is waiting for the customer in Organic Lab?

-It is our priority to have the highest quality service in country. The team of professional doctors will take unique care of your needs. Cosmetologists and dermatologists are able to reach the best possible outcome with innovative technologies. It is very important, to provide our customers with only natural products, which is why we offer them Aravia’s self-care sets.

-What is Organic Lab’s main goal for the future?

-We want to create the most comfortable service for everyone. In September, Organic Lab will be opening its own laboratory. Pretty soon, our customers will be able to take dental care as well.

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