Cherie – When the taste is the quality

Starting your day without a cup of coffee is a real disaster for millions of people around the world. If you are one of them, then Glossy has a wonderful “coffee recommendation” for you!

Founded back in 2012, Cherie provides the highest quality coffee in Georgia. Equipped with the best German technologies, company sets the standards with the 100% natural product in country.

The best coffee is produced in the country, where it does not grow and Cherie is the great example of that. Coffee beans are imported to Georgia, but the outcome is exquisite. The product is created with the traditional control of the quality, newest machines and of course, with the respect for the customers.

It was the first company to have provided the industrial coffee in Georgia, for local customers. Made with the high quality green beans, Cherie’s coffee has a strong and unique taste, which can bedistinguished from others even with one try.



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