Georgian designers – Baltazar Cheri

How would you describe Baltazar Cheri?

The brand is related to Hollywood. It is related to a time when there were still real, beautiful women. Our first line is created for women who know what they need, who are confident and don’t have problems with their looks. Only a single copy exists of the individual dresses we create, which will not be repeated.

Baltazar Cheri also has a second line, including different kinds of clothes affordable for everyone.

We are constantly meeting new people who become our customers and who mean a lot to us. We try to highlight their inner beauty and inner personality and we try to bring out their most beautiful features. Confident people always look comfortable in themselves. That’s why I think comfort is of the utmost important.

The name means lovely devil. Taking from the name, the clothing is devilish. Our partners really liked the name and they also wanted us to use a French word, and so we decided on Sheri.


What do you think about the Georgian fashion industry?

I know a lot of Georgian designers and what I see is that I love their work. I think Georgian people are so tasteful, they have always been distinguished by their beauty and creativity. In my opinion this is genetic, and we are not talking only about fashion but about taste. And with this combination of opportunities and taste that Georgians have, they can create something magnificent. I wish for the whole world to someday know about the Georgian fashion industry.


Are there any special trends you would love to advise women to follow for New Year’s Eve?

Of course there are some details which every woman should consider. I think everyone should be in an uplifted mood, not only in terms of their clothes but also with the surrounding world. I wish for everyone to have that happiness which radiates beauty outwards from their inner personality and not only with the help of a beautiful dress. That’s why I can’t come up with just one piece of advice which fits every woman because everyone is individual, and everything can’t fit everyone equally. It is important that each individual woman finds the right balance for herself in terms of the fashion moment and the possibility to tailor her style to it.

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