Unforgettable Views of the City – Hotel Adamo

What makes Hotel Adamo special compared to other hotels in Tbilisi?

What makes Adamo so special is it being a designer boutique, with luxury styling. First of all, despite the fact that it is located in an urban environment, behind the Hotel we have forest, nature and fresh air. In addition to this we have a garden, which many hotels in Tbilisi don’t have. Designers have worked on each and every detail of this hotel. The rooms have an overall similar design, yet every room is unique in shape, due to the fact that the building is round. We have 36 rooms: a deluxe double room; superior double rooms; family rooms; connecting rooms; a junior suite; executive suite room; and economy. We have combined traditional Georgian brick walls with modern interiors.

The quality of service is very important to us. Our experienced and professional team always cares about and attends to guests, encouraging them to stay for as long as they like and return again in the future.


What is unique about your hotel’s location?

Hotel Adamo is located in a historic district of Tbilisi, offering guests a pleasant and tasteful stay with spectacular views. It is located in the city’s centre, on Polikarte Kakabadze Street. You can walk to Rustaveli Avenue within a couple of minutes, and to the old city in 15 minutes.

Its location and service are comfortable for all guests. All of the capital’s major attractions are located in close proximity, which gives a great advantage to the Hotel; meanwhile its views provide infinite attractiveness.


 What authentic local experiences will guests have access to?

 When we were building the hotel, what we thought was “let’s be as authentic as possible, and let’s make it little bit modern.” So we mixed up Georgian styling with some modern elements. Still, you can feel a sense of pure Georgian soul here. We have natural cliffs incorporated into the Hotel, due to the mountain face that the Hotel is adjacent to, which we decided not to touch. Every guest should feel as though they are at home. When I get the chance I always endeavour to talk to them and ask about their experience at Adamo, and without fail they say that they can feel a real sense of Georgian hospitality here.


 What makes your hotel memorable and unforgettable?

Adamo’s shape is what makes it memorable and unforgettable. Together with comfortable rooms created by designers, we have an amazing wine bar, wellness spa, a conference hall for business meetings, as well as a restaurant with a terrace and spectacular views. It is fit for guests of all categories.


What is the atmosphere at your hotel? What types of guests does it attract?

 We host a wide variety of guests, starting from couples spending their honeymoons here, to businesspeople and large groups.


 What about your restaurant? What different dishes does your restaurant offer?

 We offer modernized Georgian dishes to our guests. Cooking has always been a personal hobby of mine, and one which I actually studied. We change our menu every season. So we don’t have typical dishes what you can get everywhere else, what we offer is unique. Furthermore we offer fusion cuisine and dishes from different countries.

A special dish of ours is our ‘Pelamushi’. However, it’s not the traditional one as ours is sparkling and shiny, with caramelised nuts and an arty presentation.

Our restaurant’s terrace offers a spectacular view of Tbilisi, perfect for different events. Our experienced team of professional cooks often amaze guests with our combination of Georgian and European dishes.


 What are your plans for the future?

As Adamo was opened in December 2018, we are trying to become steadily more famous on the market. In addition, Adamo is going to participate in different awards for hotels, and grow as quickly and successfully as possible.

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