Maestro Gelato – More Than Just Ice Cream

After almost a year on the market,the local franchise of the Swiss Maestro Gelato Company continues to rise in popularity thanks to its Italian ice-cream, sorbet, coffee, hot chocolate, doughnuts and various deserts. The place is relatively new, but already crowded. Maestro Gelato is an absolutely charming cafe that serves great food with style, located at #7 TaktakishviliStreet, in theVake district.


How did you get started?

Maestro Gelato has existed in Tbilisi for almost a year and is a franchise. I lived in Holland for a long time. On one of my visits to Georgia, I had a desire to provide top quality ice cream to Georgian customers. Why ice cream? Because it makes every person, child, man or woman, young or old, smile andbe filled with positive emotions.


What is the secret to the unique taste of your gelato?

Only natural ingredients are used, unless otherwise indicated or required. The homogeneous mixing of     ingredients of the liquid Maestro Gelato mix results in an ice cream that forms no extra ice crystals, not   even after several days in the freezer. The ice cream remains creamy and smooth. The milk is   sterilized,which preserves its taste and quality. And our gelato consists of a high level of proteins that   increase its health benefitstoo.


Which is your favourite ice cream at Maestro Gelato?

All of the ice cream flavours are my favourites. However, I wouldpick outpistachio in particular -it has a very specific taste. This is a great place to indulge in excellent Italian style ice cream, with a great selection to choose from.


What are your plans for the nearest future?

In the future Maestro Gelato will expand its branches. I also plan to make a franchise network, because I’m a golden franchiser of Maestro Gelato in Georgia and have its permission. So it’ll be a personal success for me to expand the Maestro Gelato network in Georgia.


What other products do you offer customers?

We have a wide variety of cakes, desserts and other sweet delights along with a good range of hot and cold beverages. The menu has a variety of meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our coffee is one of a kind and can only be found in the Maestro Gelato café – with its authentic Roman taste. We represent the Italian Brand “Peri”, but I must say that simply having goodcoffee, beans or a machine is not enough, what’s crucially important is having a professional barista that can guarantee a beloved taste.

At our café you can also taste special cocktails, liquid ice-cream of different fruit flavours, and different types of bread baked directly in Maestro Gelato.


What can you tell us about the café’s interior?

The interior design offers a very comfortable and cosy environment. Outdoor tables are available too. We have an open kitchen to produce fresh food in front of customers. Incidentally, the customer is most important to us. Since the day of our opening, we have hadloyal, returningcustomers and their satisfaction is key for Maestro Gelato. Even their criticism helps us to develop. Our main philosophy is that the one should get relevant service for the price one is paying.

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