IERI concept store

In a world of online shopping, when you can buy what you want from the comfort of your sofa, there are a select number of stores that offer an unparalleled shopping experience, either through their artful edits, stylish decor or unique concept. One such shop is located in the very heart of Tbilisi, in the Vera district, called IERI. The uniqueness of this store starts from the name itself, which can’t be translated from Georgian to English in just one word. Ieri means look, appearance, image, outfit and attitude. It’s a brand new concept for Tbilisi – a store, a gallery, a coffee-spot, a wine-bar, a place to meet and a place to be.

Anka Tsitsishvili, well-known fashion expert, is the creative director and buyer of IERI store. Sofia Guguberidze, an international expert in luxury business management, is its project director.

Glossy talked with them to understand what the main goal was behind creating such a kind of space and what was understood is that “it’s to change the stereotypical perception of the country and to develop the fashion retail industry”.

Nowadays IERI is a place where 25 designers are gathered to represent their Fall-Winter 2019/2020 collections – they are originally from Georgia or were inspired by Georgia. 0711; Atare Anbani; Babukhadia; Crosty; Eshvi; George Bezani; George Keburia; Idée Fixe; Ingorokva; Lalo; Le Chic Radical; Le Mocassin Zippe; Liya; Materiel; Moods Collection; Ria Keburia; Situationist; Sofio Gongli; Tatuna; Tiko Paksa; and Tushuri. The Georgian element of the store is strengthened by the handmade collection from the Samoseli Pirveli Atelier, which produces Georgian traditional clothing, and a collection of antique carpets. David Koma, Tata Naka and other big names joined in the Fall-Winter 2019/20 season.

“We support not only Georgian designers but also those designers who produce in Georgia or are inspired by our country. We are focused on quality and choose only the best,” they say.

As with all new brands, IERI’s future plans are to grow, develop, expand. The online platform is en route and also an opening of a second store at Republic. And we could perhaps see IERI at the upcoming MBFW Tbilisi too.


The authors of the project plan to collaborate with different festivals and to hold various events. As they say: “IERI is not just a store. We want it to be a space where everyone is happy to visit and be pleasantly surprised.”

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