18K Precious Crafts – More Gold in Your Jewellery!

The “Franco Fontana” store of Italian gold and silver jewellery has been present in Georgia since 2008-2009 and remains in one of the leading positions on the Georgian jewellery market.

In 2018 Franco Fontana opened a new line and concept store. “18K Precious Crafts” is the name of the branch that is located in the shopping centre “Galeria Tbilisi”, situated on the 1st floor, where it offers customers the highest quality of products.

“No other store of this kind exists elsewhere in Georgia. In this store alone can you find some of the world’s most popular brands of premium jewellery. Each item is made up of one of 750 samples of gold, and we have high quality diamonds and precious stones. Each of them has their own individual history and charm. And the diamond products come with a guarantee of their quality in the form of verifiable certification,” said the founder of 18K Precious Crafts.

18K Precious Craft offers a full range of jewellery: bracelets; rings; earrings; necklaces; and more. Jewellery prices start from GEL 500.


What are the main jewellery trends of 2019?

Jewellery trends change by the season. Our store offers trendy, fashionable and well-known brands. At the moment, large, oversized jewellery is in fashion, but there are periods when a minimalist style is on trend. Jewellery is the detail that can change one’s whole look. As for the jewellery we offer that is in highest demand, it is engagement rings with a single stone, which are seemingly popular with all women.


Why is 18K Precious Crafts exceptional compared to other jewellery stores in Georgia?

 The slogan itself makes it exceptional – More Gold in Your Jewellery. Nowhere else in the Georgian market is there such a wide choice of 750 samples of gold jewellery. You can feel special with us because you have made a bigger investment and therefore can be sure that nobody else has the same kind of jewellery as you.


What are some of the most notable materials you have in your store?

In our store we offer only natural 57-inch diamonds; nacre; ruby; emerald; sapphire. We look forward to serving customers, and we are open for business cooperation with companies. We think that we need business boosters to strengthen the Georgian economy and strengthen the jewellery market. We want to attract foreign visitors because shopping tours are a popular direction, and if people know that in the heart of the city they can buy such high quality investment pieces, then this would be very good for us and would support Georgian business on the whole as well.

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