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Q.When did the idea come to you to found pareo?

The idea to set up the company came about two years ago, and after just a few months it was already actively being marketed.

Q. Who are the company’s founders?

Me- Nini Abelashvili, and my closest friend mimoza (mari) abuladze.

Q.what was the inspiration behind creating the company?

The idea came to us when we went to the seaside for a summer holiday. due to a lack of time we were unable to stop for a beach wardrobe, and also couldn’t find anything suitable online, so we decided to found our own online store- Pareo.

Q. Who are your customers?

We have products for each segment: men, woman, and children.

Q. How does Pareo differ fro its competitors?

Any product of ours is made individually according to a customer’d height and weight specifications. In addition, we have a variety of designs and a wide selection of colors. It is also possible to make small changes according to an individual custoer’s wishes.

Q.What is your most popular product?

Most popular is our silk coat with personalized engraving (crown + preferred name )

Q.How successful has the idea proved to be, and are you satisfied with your start-up?

The idea really succeeded, it can even be said that it has exceeded our expectations. During this time, we have acquired a large number of loyal customers who do not regret their positive reviews and often share their favourable impressions of us on social media.

Q.Are you planning to export your products outside of Georgia?

We are very eager to do so and hopefully will succeed.

Q.And finally, what is next for Pareo?

In the near future we are going to open a store to provide customers with complete comfort in being able to see their desired products on the spot.


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