Natali Group

As an exclusive project of Natali group, spa concept aims to build unique spa and beauty centres suited to cqwustomer preferences. It is the Group’s control of even the most minor details that makes the experience worthwhile.

The group’s control mastery, crafted over the course of 23 years of hard work, will ensure the creation of the very best beauty centres the Georgian  market has to offer.

The team has a far superior understanding of the market than any outside consultant. Meanwhile, the project represents the products and equipment of world-class brands.

Our collaboration with international household names enables us to help customers overcome creative and technical hurdles such as interior design,ideas, sketching, fitting furniture and accessories, as well as executing and operating the centres.

It has been more than a decade since the group established its first centre. Natali day spa has been achieving success both within and outside of the country’s borders ever since, with the international brand Germain de capiccini gaining the most attention recently.

The thriving of the beauty chain paved the way for collaboration with hospitality giants such as Rixos Borjomi; Ambassadori Tbilisi; Ambassadori Gol Resort; Marco Polo Ski Resort; Crystal; Sheraton Batumi; and Wyndham Grand Tilisi.

The well-established group is more than willing to accept even the most ambitious of challenges, which is being proven time and time again by its attainment of numerous trophies and certificates.

The company’s team is fully behind achieving each client’s individual success.

The founder and CEO of spa concept is NATALI TOLORAIA.

address: Sulkhan tsintsadze 12

Phone: 032 2 45 45 93;  599 81 11 11


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