Mariam Gvasalia

Georgian designer

Mariam Gvasalia

How did you firs start your career?

My firs steps started with a collection created for my academy diploma, which I then entered into the competition “be next”. That was my firs success. before that there had just been little experiments. Why did i decide on this direction? I love art. I like communicating with people. I love colors and paintings, and this allows me to express that, not just on paper, but on clothing too.

what is your main inspiration when working on a new collection?

I always have one answer to this question:

Everything we see and feel is stored in our memory,and then we bring it out again, which is the main message of my collections.

Please name your favorite collection and why that is?

Unit now, my favorite collection was the firs collection I ever did, called “leonorfinipopart”. But now I would select a  pre-season collection that was inspired by my disease, and the message is to inspire other and fight efficiency. This is  my favorite collection at the moment.

would How you describe a “Mariam Gvasalia” woman?

Colorful, funny, comfortable. These 4 characteristics I think are most evident in one of my sports lines, the trainer.

What is your advice for the 2019/20 autumn-winter session? What is going to be considered trendy?

Dress warmly! Don’t just be colorful in the summer, winter needs bright colors too.

Where can one shop for Mariam Gvasalia?

At 19 Kobuleti St; Tbilisi gallery, 3rd floor store “Chacma”; ad at 22 Kote Apkhazi St.

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