Kenari Optics – a mark of high quality

Whether you want disposable contacts, a basic pair of glasses, or tinted, modern lenses in a designer frame, quality eyewear can run into the hundreds of dollars.

So where should you shop to be sure you’re getting the glasses or contacts you’ll love without having to pay too much?

For the past 15 years ‘Kenari’ has been one of the leaders in optical retail and is committed to delivering superior, refined, high quality and affordable eye care to people in Georgia.

With 12 individual stores, all of Kenari’s branches are customer-oriented and renowned for their perfect service.

Kenari delivers expert optical services; prescription glasses including frames and lenses; contact lenses and sunglasses; both plain and prescription lenses; as well as a high quality service from ophthalmologists.

Kenari is the official distributor of more than 40 well-known brands including Silhouette; Tom Ford; Dior; Valentino; Mykita; Celine; Kenzo; Givenchy; Salvatore Ferragamo, among others. The company’s priority is to increase customer satisfaction, maintain a certain standard of high quality, and offer a variety of exciting choices through constantly updated collections.

Professional, highly qualified and dedicated experts are at the heart of Kenari. They prove every day that Kenari is truly all about beauty, health, fashion and quality.

The company’s sales team visits international exhibitions every year, in the spring they head to Milan while in the fall they visit Paris. It is here that the whole world of optics is brought together and new collections are presented. New collections are chosen according to current fashion trends as well as Georgian customers’ tastes.

In terms of fashion trends, there is no specific size or shape for glasses that is de rigueur for 2020. However, oversized, narrow and round shapes all remain popular.

This year, square glasses are a new trend that we can see across the collections of different brands. It is often said that fashion is what first attracts someone to you. And, with this in mind, the creative styles presented in Kenari clearly demonstrate how glasses can emphasise one’s individualism and unique sense of style.