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Hi, I am Tako, Editor of GLOSSY Magazine.
GLOSSY is influential Georgian fashion and lifestyle magazine, founded in 2017. Magazine represents social elite, covering news of the local social scene, traditions of high society. It has become known for its distinctive photo session, interviews with different country ambassadors, wealthy lifestyle topics and latest models of automobiles. The magazine is always the first to give a full review of new beauty and fashion trends and sometimes even sets new trends, discovers promising names and dictates highest standards. To appear in GLOSSY is the top quality label in the fashion industry of Georgia for designers, models, actors, photographers and authors. We are discovering successful people, successful businesses and interesting people.
GLOSSY Magazine is leading, monthly english language magazine in Georgia, covering topics about Fashion, tourism development , business and luxury lifestyle (including, cars, luxury residences, jewelry, luxurious perfumery, cosmetics, travel, drinks and many more) Each month 3 000 copies of the magazine is printed and delivered to the most influential international and local companies operating in Georgia.
GLOSSY readers know the value of MONEY. Many of them are powerful finance professionals, who manage big budgets and priceless portfolios.GLOSSY readers own luxurious cars than readers of other newspapers/magazines in Georgia. 70% of GLOSSY readers who are senior business people travel first or business class
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17 Mtskheta, Tbilisi

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