Interview with the designer Marika Sharabidze

  1. Could you briefly tell us about your line and what direction you’ve developed in since you first appeared on the Georgian market?

 Up until this stage of my life, it was like a hobby for me. When my mom used to sew, I used to watch her and admire what she was doing. That’s when I fell in love with doing what I do now. After a few years my career developed in another sphere and that’s when I understood what I wanted and when my hobby became my favourite activity. I now not only have a showroom in Georgia, but also have some private orders too.

 2.What’s your inspiration when working on a line?

 Everything comes naturally to me, but I could say that classical clothing is my inspiration. I used to wear classic styles even from childhood, because I liked them that much. Incidentally, there’s a concert being held in Austria which a Georgian opera singer is participating in, and I have been asked to sew a classical dress for her. I also get a lot of stage dress offers too.


3.What is your ‘fashion dream’?

Firstly, I want my store to develop and to get more customers. My dream is also to be a part of Paris Fashion Week, because why not?


4.What do you think of the Georgian fashion industry?

 I think that we Georgians are such creative people, I like our taste and style very much. Each and every Georgian designer showcases their work in specific and interesting ways. And they do so successfully.


5.What are your plans for the future development of your lines?

 We have really important news coming soon. We are starting a collaboration with one of the Georgian TV channels which is working on a new TV show for women, and our brand is taking part in it.


6.What do you want women to feel while wearing your clothes?

 First of all and most importantly – is to be confident and also attractive. Overall, I love seeing beautiful women wearing my dresses, that feeling is amazing.


7.What would your advice be to women on how should they look on New Year’s Eve?

 I can tell you what I would choose. I would wear a very sexy, glamorous and sparkly dress, because I think that it is exactly that style that goes best with New Year’s Eve. I would also prefer a golden or red, long, backless dress. I think that such an outfit would be perfect for the special night.

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